Hawk API server

My relationship with Go so far has been that it's a language that I don't love and don't want to love, but which I find myself being effortlessly productive in, in a way that I haven't experienced with a lot of other languages unless I have years of experience with them.

The Hawk API server is an example of that. For the HA stack, we had been using lighttpd as the web server for Hawk, the web frontend for the HA cluster stack.

Instead of switching to Apache which would cause headaches since we're also hosting Apache has a cluster service, I started playing around with writing a minimal web server in Go. At first my plan was to use some already existing web server like Caddy, but I basically had a fully functional implementation working already after my initial hack session.

Since then, the API server has gained a lot of interesting features. We use a persistent connection to Pacemaker together with goroutines for each API call to enable instant refresh of the web UI on cluster changes. I analyse the initial bytes of the HTTP connection to see if it's HTTP or HTTPS, and respond to HTTP with a redirect to HTTPS: That way, someone can type in the IP:PORT directly into the browser location bar without adding https:// in front and it'll still work correctly.