I recently bought a little synthesizer/groovebox called OP-Z by Teenage Engineering. It's tiny and limited, but a ton of fun and somehow the limitations work for me - I find myself actually creating music with it.

During January, I participated in something called #jamuary on instagram. Basically I created and posted a little musical clip every day. Sometimes it was part of a song, sometimes just a little jam, but I did manage to post something every day.

Once January was done, I started thinking about turning these jams into a “real” album. Of course it's self-published and unprofessionally mastered and so on, but still.

I'm calling the project Oferlund and the album Vemod, it should be out on all of the major streaming services in mid March, and it consists of 9 tracks and 45 minutes of music.

Here's the cover:

It's possible that this music appeals to no one except myself. Still, I do like it, and that's enough for me.